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Brick City Tile- A Century in the Making


At Brick City Tile, we understand that the journey behind a product often gets lost in the shuffle of modern commerce. However, our story spans over a century, a narrative woven with family legacy and a dedication to excellence. Founded over four decades ago, our roots dig deep into the rich soil of family values and a commitment to excellence.

Picture a young Stacy Serra, her laughter echoing through the showroom as she played hide and seek amidst the tiles. Raised within the embrace of our family business, Stacy's earliest memories are of helping with filing, paperwork, and more, under the watchful eye of her father. It was here that she learned the timeless lesson of service above all, a mantra that still beats at the heart of our company today.

Today, Stacy leads Brick City Tile, curating the finest tiles from esteemed manufacturers across the globe. Our lineage extends from Diesse Inc, a respected name in the industry, along with our sister brands, Tile Wholesalers of Newark and Tile Market. As a division of Diesse Inc, we are direct importers catering to wholesale tile retailers nationwide, as well as serving the A&D market and individual homeowners and contractors.

Our journey mirrors that of our founders, instilled with a reverence for quality and a passion for innovation. Just as they sought to elevate the realms of home improvement and interior design through innovative technology and unwavering commitment, Stacy continues this legacy. Our mission is simple: to reshape industry standards, deliver unparalleled customer experiences, and provide exceptional value.

At Brick City Tile, we've borne witness to the evolution of design, from decadent pre-war bathrooms to the modern-farmhouse aesthetic. Our journey is intertwined with that of our customers and manufacturers, as we embrace the ever-shifting landscape of creativity and imagination.

But our legacy extends beyond mere trends; it's a testament to our expertise and staying power. With a 45,000-square foot warehouse at our disposal, we ensure that once you've found your perfect tile, it's on its way to you in no time. Because at Brick City Tile, we don't just sell tiles—we build trust, one customer at a time.


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