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The colors that you choose for the flooring and walls in your home is an important decision, one that greatly impacts the way that your home looks. It essentially forms the base of your home, on which you add design details like furniture and decor to give your home personality. Because of this, we often recommend that you stick to using more neutral colors like beige for the floors and walls in your home. It is a fresh color that allows you to play with any sort of color or decoration in your home. Beige pairs well with just about any other color and adds style without becoming overbearing. This means that you can keep your walls or floors toned down in color, but allow other colors to pop more in contrast. This is great for those who enjoy playing with color, but still want the final look to feel mature and well-executed. Beige gives you a great opportunity to play with color in other parts of your interior design. 

You could also view it as a great alternative to white if you were still hoping to use color in your home. You can use beige tiles to get a similar effect as white by brightening up the room with a light, soft color. Using beige tiles for your floors or walls can help to uplift the room, while supporting any decorative style you want for your home. Take a look at the different shades and patterns you can find these tiles in and imagine the clean, refined look you can create for your home.


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