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One of the most popular looks for the home is wood flooring. It creates a cozy atmosphere that really makes your house feel like a home. It is a simple, but classic look that most of us have likely considered at some point in time for our own homes. As beautiful as they are, wood panel floors are challenging to maintain in good condition. They get scuffed up and marked so quickly that you hardly have a minute to enjoy your decision for wood flooring by the time they already pick up scratches. This is why we often recommend getting wood plank porcelain instead of wood panels for the home. These beautiful tiles provide you with all the personality and style of wood panels, but without the maintenance. 

They are much more resistant to scratches and staining and are less fussy to clean. If you have a home with children or pets, it greatly makes a difference how easy it is to clean your tiles and you will be glad that you opted for a wood look tile, rather than wood panels. It gives you all the look and feel of wood, but without the trouble that goes along with it. In addition to flooring, wood finish tiles can also be used for walls and backsplash as accent pieces to decorate the home. There is so much you can do with these easy-to-install and maintain tiles, it is truly a fantastic option for anyone in love with the look of wood panels in the home.

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