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You do not have to be a professional interior decorator in order to get the look you want for your home, especially if you are after a fresh and clean design. As long as you get started with the right foundational pieces, you can easily execute the vision you have for your home with furniture and decor. The floors and walls lay the base for your interior design and give you a starting point for decoration. If a clean, minimalist look is what you are after, you will definitely want to consider using subway tile backsplash for your home. It provides a fresh look that perfectly brightens up the space and makes the room look more classic by design. 

Subway tile is a timeless option for the kitchen or bathroom, one that feels like it truly belongs. That is because it is a neutral colored tile, typically white, with a simple geometric pattern that never feels too cluttered or busy for a space. Instead it feels like it adds just the right amount of dimension without needing a complex or intricate design. They typically follow a brick or bond pattern, but can also be found in other interesting patterns like a checkered, herringbone, or chevron layout. Backsplashes are highly versatile and can work in different rooms all over the house. Wherever you have a sink or counter, you may want to consider adding some style of subway tile backsplash to decorate the space in a clean, timeless way, while also unifying the design throughout the home. 

Subway Tile

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