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Sometimes simplicity is just what the doctor ordered. It's easy to get lost in all of the design elements that go into a home from the larger furniture to the smaller decorative elements. There are so many things that you can add to the house to make it feel more alive and have a bigger personality all its own, but you can quickly go overboard and make your house feel cluttered and disjointed. Sometimes, you just need to pare things back and look for simple designs that complement each other. 

A great example of this is using concrete look tiles to create a neutral foundation for the rooms in your home. They provide you with a minimalistic design, which you can take in any direction from that point on. Concrete look tiles will keep the room feeling very subdued, while still adding a bit of texture and pattern so that it never falls flat. This is a great starting point, giving you the flexibility to do more with interior decorating before it becomes too much. With a simple, neutral foundation to the room, you can either keep things very understated, or branch out further and add more color and design. Either way you go with it, you can feel confident that the design will be beautiful and well-balanced. You should definitely consider this affordable tile design as a great option for any room in the home while you plan out how you want the space to look. 

Concrete Look

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