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When thinking about the bathroom of a home, you may think of words like "clean" and "fresh." You want the bathroom to look and feel clean, spacious, and relaxing. In order to get this sort of look for your bathroom, you want to start things off with the right design to leave that impression, and much of this comes down to the type of tiles you use for the floors and walls. A popular way to design your bathroom is to use large format tiles, particularly ones in lighter colors like white or soft gray. Porcelain tile slabs make the room feel bigger and brighter as even a little bit of natural light comes pouring through in the morning. 

For this room in the house, you may want to consider using large bathroom tiles to decorate the floors and walls. Oversized tiles help to make the room feel more spacious and elegant since there are fewer visible seams with grout lines. It feels less like you have small tiles fixed together and more like the walls look that way on their own. It makes the room feel more luxurious and sleek just by adding these larger tiles, which helps to create that clean and fresh style you want for this room in particular. As you shop around for the tiles you want to use in the bathroom of your home, we recommend considering large bathroom tiles as a viable option to create a spacious, luxurious atmosphere in this room.

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