5 Types of Large Bathroom Tiles You Should Consider

5 Types of Large Bathroom Tiles You Should Consider

Posted by That Tile Lady on Dec 23rd 2021

As you shape and model your home to fall in line with the vision that you had for it, you will have to pay close attention to details and pick up on many smaller design elements than you may have initially considered.

One of those details you may have found yourself considering more recently are bathroom tiles. We spend so much of the day in the bathroom, so it is a good idea to make this room feel perfectly aligned with our personal tastes. It should be a room that we are fully comfortable and relaxed in, and getting the look down can help to make this achievable. One piece of advice that we can offer to you now is to look at large bathroom tiles and take into consideration how they could fit into the vision you have for your home.

Large bathroom tiles are easy to install and create a distinct look that leaves a different impression from smaller tiles. The larger, solid panels with fewer seams make the space seem larger.

They create a beautiful effect for a room and are available in a great number of styles, so you still have the flexibility of choosing the exact sort of look you want for the bathroom. To help give you an idea of what you can do with your home's bathroom, we have a few examples of tile designs that leave a distinct look to a bathroom. They each have something special to offer and create an impression that you might be interested in, so feel free to see what you can do for your home to make everything just right for you and your family.

Textured Designs
When people think of tiles for the walls or floors of their homes, they normally think of color or pattern first. They do not normally think of texture as being a major trait to look for, but it is definitely something that you should bookmark as an option. Textured designs for wall tiles in particular are great as a way to add some dimension and visual interest in an ordinarily plain room like the bathroom.

They are typically found in neutral colors like off-white or beige, which is great because it keeps the design from feeling overwhelming in the space. Instead of styling the room with color and pattern, you can keep those factors minimal and bring attention to the dimension instead. You will still have that visual point of interest with the texture, but you can keep it feeling balanced out by using neutral colors. It creates a subtle effect for the bathroom, but it is one that we absolutely love. While you are exploring different patterns and colors for tiles, we definitely recommend checking out some large bathroom tiles that have a raised, textured surface to them.

Marble Look Tiles
Out of all the designs that people could choose for their ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble has got to be one of the most popular styles and we can see why. This design immediately elevates the look of a room to make the space seem more elegant and luxurious. Marble look tiles are also excellent because they are so affordable and easy to maintain compared to genuine marble. You can achieve that elegant, clean look with large bathroom tiles that enhance the design. Larger tiles read as more sophisticated and luxurious, which pairs well with the design of marble so they create a fantastic duo for anyone looking to create a high-end bathroom design in their very own homes.

At Brick City Tile, we have many marble look tiles for floors and walls in different patterns and colors, so you can get a huge variety of looks out of just this one type of tile.


Hexagon Tiles
While you are exploring different patterns and colors for large bathroom tiles, we also encourage you to look at different shapes. The most common tiles are of course rectangles since they are so easy to work with and stack into each other neatly. But there are more shapes that can work beautifully into the interior design of your home.

Hexagonal tiles are visually striking and look interesting in the home, partly because they are less common. They create a different pattern when they are installed so they give a unique look to the room. You can find hexagon shaped tiles in several designs, so they provide you with some fun options as well. They are unexpected, but refreshing nonetheless.

Subway Tiles
As far as bathrooms go, subway tiles have become quite popular over the years as a clean, minimal way to model the bathroom of a home. Subway tiles are simple grid or brick pattern tiles, usually white that are inspired by the actual tiles found in New York City subway stations.

They are meant to be universally flattering in their simplicity and tend to work well in a number of rooms, namely the kitchen and bathroom. The fact that they are so simple in design also makes them easier to style around, so you do not have to worry about colors or patterns clashing. These tiles are perfect for those who want simplicity in the bathroom's design and want the floors or walls to be like a blank slate.

Wood Design Tiles
Wood is normally unexpected for a bathroom, however, wood look tiles are an exception. They are made of porcelain or ceramic, so they fit right into a bathroom. Wood designs are perfect for creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere that you can relax in. This is perfect for a room in your home where you often feel at your most unguarded. Wood design tiles can make the room feel rustic and easy to relax in.

Take your time exploring all of these styles of bathroom tiles and consider our comments on large bathroom tiles and what they can do for a space. If any of these sound like they could help you achieve the vision you have for your home, feel free to see what your options are with Brick City Tile and let all the pieces fall into place.