How You Can Style Your Home Using Cream Subway Tile

How You Can Style Your Home Using Cream Subway Tile

Posted by That Tile Lady on Nov 23rd 2021

Possibly the best recommendation we can give when it comes to interior design and getting your home to look the way that you want, is to start off with a good foundation for the design. With a good base set, you can do just about anything you want with your home and go in any direction. What we mean by this is to start off with a minimal look for your walls and flooring and go from there with everything else.

A great example of the sort of look you can use for your walls and flooring is a cream subway tile. It is named after the look of the New York City subway station tiles, which were white rectangular tiles that lined the walls. Designers created similar tiles for the home which became quite popular over time, becoming one of the more recognizable and common tiles for home decor. And for good reason too. Cream subway tile fits naturally into just about any home and adds to the look that you are trying to create for yourself and your family. If you were curious about the look of a subway tile and how it can benefit the design you are trying to create with your home, here are some of the ways this sort of tile can contribute to the property's interior design.

Universal Coloring
The color that you choose for your tiles plays a large part in how it fills the room and works with other design elements. You will typically be advised to choose neutral or softer colors for things like tiles, paint, carpet, or wallpaper because of how easy it is to work with neutral colors in comparison to more bold, statement colors.

With tiles, it is better to go with something like a cream subway tile because it is a universal color that works with anything else you have in the home. Cream is like a softer version of white, which keeps it from feeling too clinical or sterile as pure white occasionally does. It is a versatile color because it is able to play off of other colors so well also. Cream can be used to complement deep, rich colors like burgundy or dark brown, or softer pastels like blush or light blue. This means it can make a good base for whatever color story you have in mind for the room. The neutral colored floors or walls give you a clean jumping off point so you can bring in any colors you like without it feeling too colorful or disconnected.


Makes a Great Backsplash
The simple, fresh nature of a cream subway tile makes it so that it can be used to fit into any room in the building, but it especially lends itself well to certain areas in particular. People often find that their favorite way to feature a subway tile design is as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom.

A backsplash tile is the panel of tiles that sits along a counter against a wall in a room that has a sink. This is traditionally used to prevent backsplash from the sink from hitting the walls repeatedly and damaging them over time, although it is often installed as more of a decorative piece rather than a functional one. A subway tile is often used as a backsplash because it fits so naturally as a simple and clean design element. It feels fresh and cohesive within the design of the room despite being an accent piece. The fact that it is such a minimalistic design in a neutral color helps because it makes it fit in better with whatever is already going on so you do not have to be concerned that your backsplash makes the room look too cluttered. A simple design reads well as a backsplash and makes a fresh and clean addition to the room.

Easy to Style Around
Since the subway tile has such a simple, geometric design, it fits well into just about any style of interior design. It blends in easily without feeling overdone as if all the styles in the room are conflicting or competing for attention. It is simple and clean on its own, but plays a great support to other designs, so you can fall back on these tiles while designing the layout of the room.

Before you commit to anything, we recommend taking a look at the styles we have here at Brick City Tile and think about what you would want for your property day-in and day-out. Imagine the sort of look you would like to see everyday for years and envision the sort of style you want before committing to the walls and flooring. At the very least you know that it is hard to go wrong with a simple, neutral foundation like a cream subway tile. Check out our options for subway tiles and see which designs stand out to you.