Tile, The Pet-Friendly Flooring

Tile, The Pet-Friendly Flooring

Posted by That Tile Lady on Apr 30th 2022

Let’s admit it; our pets are an extended portion of our families (a sometimes messy, clumsy, wonderfully loving portion). They are lucky they are so endearing, but what ends up taking the brunt of their messiness is your home’s flooring and walls. Tile flooring and wall tile helps protect otherwise porous surfaces that are subject to pet activity – and over time hold up well across the thousands of muddy pawprints, dirty water shake-offs, and the occasional “whoops, had an accident!” This makes porcelain tile the pet-friendly choice.


Mud is something that can eventually render pristine flooring to look dingy and dull – however; it is a given with an active and outdoor pet. With the proper sealing measures, tile flooring can be a good safeguard to allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Over time, hardwood flooring can also take on stains from mud trekked in from the outdoors – which is another reason certain tile is optimal for entrances or mud rooms. 


With the absence of water, mud is dirt – but this doesn’t make it any better for cleaning purposes. Over time, dust, dander, and dirt will adhere and cause a floor to look dirty – especially carpet. Utilize tile in high traffic pet areas to allow for easy maintenance and cleaning – adding to its long list of pet-friendly flooring benefits. BUGS If we allow our four legged friends outdoor time, chances are they are going to bring in some other unwanted guests. The good thing about tile flooring is that it doesn’t allow for many areas for these bugs to stay hidden. Carpeted flooring is important to have regularly cleaned, as it can house microbes, bugs, and other yucky organisms meant to be outside. 


If you have an indoor pet, playtime is limited within the walls of your home – which means your flooring is seeing a lot more action. Tile stands up to the wear and tear of scratches from your pet’s nails and running across its surface on a daily basis. It is scratch proof! Not the same can be said for wood flooring – which will show scarring and dullness. 


Cleaning up pee (or worse) is part of the territory when owning a pet. It can stain wood, and seep into the fibers of carpet – which over time creates staining and odors. Tile can withstand the cleaning agents necessary to deodorize, sanitize, and ease the mind for a stickler of sanitation.

Tile flooring can help ease the burden of tasks when it comes to maintaining a clean home in the presence of an active furry family member. Consider porcelain tile when preparing to create the optimal surroundings for your pet.